Charlene’s Story

Charlene Nelson from Birmingham is the inspiration behind the Donation UK Community Initiative

Meet Charlene

Qualified nurse Charlene Nelson, 34, is a Birmingham mother-of-one who received a life-saving kidney transplant on August 24, 2015. She knew the odds were stacked against her during her wait for a suitable donor – and this is why she supports ACLT and the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign. Her story is “about hope and overcoming difficult life challenges that sometimes threaten to derail our dreams when we least expect it”.

Charlene was diagnosed with renal diease during a routine visit to her GP in 2013. This led to renal failure and she was told she needed an urgent kidney transplant.

A Second Chance

Time was ticking away  and Charlene knew that  her chance of a miracle was dependent on finding a match. “I discovered that, due to my ethnicity, the likelihood of finding a suitable donor from within the black community was very slim”. She says. “I was put on the waiting list while I continued with weekly kidney dialysis. The experience left me feeling extremely tired and worried for my son. Who would look after my boy, if I wasn’t around?”

When she finally received the call she had desperately been waiting for, Charlene says she “felt like God had pressed the RESET button”, giving her another chance at life. “My donor remains anonymous, because she sadly passed away, but I cannot thank her enough for giving me time to watch my son grow up,” she says.

Charlene shares her story on her instagram page from her hospital bed

Charlene considers herself very lucky and will be sharing her story as part of the DoNation UK “Fashion4ACause” Campaign on Saturday 4th November 2017. This comes in light of the recent news story of May Brown, who lost her battle against Leukaemia on 18th July 2017 (Read May’s story here). May Brown and her family were supported by the ACLT during her desperate campaign to find a suitable stem cell donor. Charlene has set up a Virgin Money Fundraising page in the hope of raising vital funds to support the work done by the ACLT and the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign. Please click here to visit Charlene’s page and help support a very worthy cause.

Major event to raise awareness

Inspired by Charlene’s Story the Donation UK Project will be hosting a spectacular Fashion Showcase and VIP Networking Event at the contemporary Canalside venue in Birmingham on November 4. Proceeds are to benefit ACLT and the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign.

Organised by DoNation UK, a not-for-profit community initiative set up by Midlands-based Lotus Event Management and Dolls of Decadence womenswear brand, the prestigious event is being sponsored by Canalside and will be hosted by comedian Kane Brown. Co-host will be international model/artist Moe Makaya and Fashion Director Jaimal Mistry. To find out more, visit

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